Absolute New York Total Clean Facial Brush Set

What It Is
This all-in-one facial kit features essential, high-performance skincare tools and interchangeable attachments, that work together to deliver advanced cleansing and total complexion renewal! 
Key Benefits
Enjoy all the benefits of automated facial cleansing like:
  • Increased absorption of after-cleansing skincare products like anti-aging serums or acne products
  • Increased skin hydration levels
  • Increased exfoliation (removal of old dead skin cells)
  • Increased collagen production
  • Solution for enlarged pores, acne and blemishes, dullness and uneven texture 
How To Use
Wet face or brush, and apply cleanser of your choice to face or brush. Turn on the device, and move in small circular motions. Recommended for both morning and nightly cleanse.
Automated facial brush with 2 speeds for 360 degree rotation
Bristle cleansing head to gently whisk away impurities for clean, clear skin
Silicone cleansing head to invigorate skin, and unclog pores
Sponge exfoliating head to buff and polish for radiant, smooth skin
More Information
For more information about automated cleansing and how it can benefit your cleansing routine, check out this video!