About Us


Fraser MacLachlan

Fraser keeps the ship moving forward and makes sure that we are continually innovating and improving. He utilizes 12 years of Internet Marketing experience that has seen him generate Billions for the Brands he has managed campaigns for.


Alina Vornicu

With more than 12 years in the cosmetic industry, Alina is a professional makeup artist as well as an entrepreneur from Florida, USA. She worked for some big fashion and beauty companies in USA and Europe and she has a deep understanding of “how a beauty products is made and what it really does”. She knows how to spot false claims and to pick the best products on the market. She manages the the supply chain, brand development and what is happening on our website.


Deanna Tsang

Deanna has a passion for all things creative! Anything in arts, design, fashion and make-up are all right up her alley. She is currently studying Advertising in Toronto and is a part of our graphic design and content creating teams.


Natasha Suntewari

Natasha is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger who is always up to date with current trends. She is currently working as a social media and public relations specialist in Vancouver. Natasha is on our social media and content creation team, so stay tuned for her posts.


Ruchika Karnani

With ample hands-on experience in the beauty industry, Ruchika is a makeup artist and entrepreneur from Toronto who is passionate about innovation and diversity. As one of our social media coordinators, she loves to think outside the box and finds that creating unique content across social platforms is the perfect way to do so!


Nilou Ghaffari

Nilou has passion and aptitude for the beauty and cosmetics industry. After years of studying in Sciences and Kinesiology, she decided after her degree that it was time to take a new direction in her career. Over the past 5 years, Nilou has helped start-up beauty brands grow their audience and build their brand through the intelligent use of marketing and social media.


Alyssa Tria

Toronto-based writer, editor, journalist and content creator with a focus on women’s lifestyle,beauty, fashion and consumer goods.


Olga MacLachlan

Olga writes for WantThisBeauty with an encyclopedic knowledge of beauty products and techniques. She consumes a ton of Youtube and Instagram makeup tutorials and helps make sure our beauty content is always on point across the site.


Farz Khan

Farz lives in Pakistan and has been working with BeautySphere for almost a year now. He is the Shopify pro, and heads up all major development on the site. If you need a script built to automate any process, Farz is the man!


Ilya Trifonov

Ilya is from Russia and heads up all of the design elements of WantThisBeauty and BeautySphere. All of the fonts, colors, and custom graphics, he takes care of it.


Sarah Johnston

Sarah is a total makeup and skincare junkie! She has a passion for people too, and uses her Sales and Marketing background to produce topnotch content for WantThisBeauty to help educate and entertain others. Sarah is also on our Social Media team, and works directly with Influencers to coordinate all of our exciting cosmetic campaigns.


Amanda Holweg

Amanda has a passion for all things skin care and cosmetics and loves writing about it on WantThisBeauty. She also coordinates with social influencers and keeps the e-commerce site and social media accounts up to date.


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