November 02, 2017 1 min read

Her Lipstick Looks Like What?!

By BeautySphere expert: Chanel K



Do you remember watching Beauty and the Beast as a child? Didn't you just love the everlasting flower incased in glass? I don’t know about you but as a young girl, I thought that it was stunning - and I certainly wanted my own. Unfortunately, I knew it wasn't possible

...until now that is! 

Fantasy has come as close to reality as possible with the FlowerChild lipstick by This gorgeous product has rose gold casing and a clear gel which
incases REAL flowers and gold specks - it's almost too pretty to use. But girl,
don’t let that stop you because the results are even prettier! 
The lipstick goes on clear and adjusts its hue according to your body temperature. Best of all, it moisturizing, glossy and presents a beautiful shade of pink that enhances your natural lip colour. FlowerChild lipstick is a beauty must-have in your makeup bag.

Check out this Beauty Guru uncasing and applying the hottest lipstick trend!



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