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& An Amazing Alternative 

By: Chanel K. 

Curly locks are naturally beautiful but sometimes it can be a total hassle to tame your main! In the 1980’s ladies didn’t have it easy when it came to straightening their hair, so thankfully the bigger the hair- the better perceived during that decade. Many women used a clothing iron to hair (Yikes!) or blow dried their curls straight, which took too much time! Fast forward to the late 1990’s, two plated hair straighteners were introduced, which revolutionized the beauty world. Unfortunately, the story comes to a sudden end as the evolution of hair straighteners came to a halt. Today, women continue to use the same style of hair straighteners that have been around for decades (with minor improvements ), but at what cost? By cost we don’t mean financially, we mean something much more valuable to many women…the price of healthy hair! They say that there is not beauty without pain, but your hair follicles pay the price with two hot plates clamping together containing your precious locks in between. Read on to see how to avoid damaging your hair, paired with an amazing alternative tool that will transform your outdated hair straightening routine! 


1. Use a heat protector!

If you’re straightening your hair without using a heat protector you are seriously asking for damage. Purchase a heat protector. You will commonly find heat protector sprays made specifically for use with flat irons; there are also numerous creams and serums on the market, and some mousses contain heat protection.

Some frequently recommended choices included Moroccan Oil (for thick or coarse hair), or products made with silicone.


2. Change up your shampoo and conditioner!


A “smoothing” shampoo and conditioner. While these won’t make your hair straight, they can add moisture to your hair and therefore help to prepare it for the process of straightening.

Alternately, you may want to try a strengthening shampoo if you find that frequent straightening makes your hair weak.


3. Try out hair moisturizers!


Consider a hair moisturizer. These products will help keep your hair healthy by increasing moisture. Since they will may make your hair oilier or heavier, try using just once a week for an added health boost.


4. Don’t forget to trim your dead ends!

Keep hair trimmed. Damaged hair will only become more damaged as you put it through the daily straightening process, and you won’t be able to get the sleek look you’re after. If you’ve got split ends or inches of damage, start fresh by having your stylist cut them off.




Then what should you use?

Don’t worry were not suggesting you stop straightening your hair all together… we are just letting you know that there is an amazing alternative product that not only saves the health of your hair but cuts down a straightening routine in up to half the time! Alright, enough with the mystery. This amazing product is named the Straight-Hair-Don’t-Care Hair straightening brush! Yes that’s right. BRUSH! This product is so amazing and so simple to use you will wonder why you didn't ditch your old hair straightener long before.



The Straight-Hair-Don’t-Care hair straightening brush works exactly like a regular brush, simply glide the bristles through your hair to straighten. The bristles break up your hair in sections to insure an even straightening technique which decreases the possibilities of heat damage. Many verified buyers tell us that this tool cut their hair straightening time in half! Thats right… with only half of the time you can straighten your entire head of hair, allowing you to spend time on other aspects of your beauty routine, like relaxing… or your outfit!


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