9 Unique Products to Gift the Beauty Junkies in Your Life!

February 13, 2018 5 min read


9 Unique Products to Gift the Beauty Junkies in Your Life! ...Or Yourself( We won't tell)!

By: Chanel.K


We all have that one friend or family member that is extremely difficult to shop for. She already has the latest it bag, an enviable closet, and the newest smartphone. Fear not! We compiled a list of unique gifts that she will love.

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Amazing Eyebrows For Days!



This is a perfect gift for the girl on the go! It is one of those presents that she never knew she always needed. It's useful , different than other products on the market, best yet, it's major time saver. With just three simple steps she will have fuller brows that will last for 3 days. Browtatt is waterproof and transfer proof so you will avoid any and all smduge-type disasters.

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Liberally apply the BrowTatt Brow gel.

Wait 20 minutes to dry.

Peel off the dried product to reveal your 3 day- waterproof and smudge proof brows by BrowTatt!

Get The Puurfect Cat Eye!


Speaking of time savers, this little makeup tool pairs nicely with the Browtatt. The Vamp Stamp is another unique and useful gift that she will appreciate and use consistently. This innovative winged eyeliner tool allows her to create the perfect winged eyeliner with minimal effort. Perfect for beginners or those who spend way too much time evening out their eyeliner. A winged line elongates and widens the eye, giving you a sexy and dramatic look. Perfect for a night out on the town! Your purchase will include 1 Vamp Stamp Applicator Wand, 1 Vamp Stamp Gel Pod, 1 Angled Brush.

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Dip The VampStamp* into the Vink® Eyeliner Ink, making sure the stamp is completely coated.

Align to the edge of your eye as indicated and press on in a quick stamping motion to avoid smears or smudges.

Continue the line along the upper lid with the Verge Angle Brush to complete the look. Repeat on opposite eye.

Clean Dirty Makeup Brushes in Seconds!


Do you constantly put off cleaning your makeup brushes? You're not alone. Washing, conditioning, and waiting for you brushes to dry is a big chore but it is very necessary in preventing bacteria buildup and skin breakouts.

The majority of women don't wash their brushes nearly as often as they should. The Electro Cleaner is a must-have staple in everyone's makeup collection. In just 30 makeup brushes are clean and dry - magic!! With multiple head attachments to fit various brush sizes, the electro cleaner can clean most makeup brushes.

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Choose the appropriate attachment - 8 to choose from!

Add appropriate cleaning solution!

Attach your desired brush!

Spin to dry!

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Be 'Bareing' With This Product !

Electronic Hair Remover

The 18 karat gold plated, hypoallergenic hair removal tool allows her to painlessly remove stubborn hair quickly with the help of a built-in light for ultimate precision! Best of all, it's gentle on all skin types so you don’t have to worry if it’s ‘right’ for her. A very practical gift that is waaaay better than getting socks.

Help her feel confident and beautiful all year round! Best of all this little guy is only 80 x 20 mm, so it's discrete and portable for hair removal anywhere.

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Turn on the device

Move the device in a circular motion over unwanted hair.

Voila! Beautiful smooth skin!

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Remove Your Makeup With Only Water!

Makeup Eraser

This is one useful gift that is sure to be a hit! This cloth
helps to remove ALL your makeup with just a bit of water.
Forget harsh cleansers and makeup removers that will
set you back lots of money.

The Makeup Eraser works like magic to effectively
remove makeup - even waterproof eyeliner and
mascara - by simply wetting the cloth with warm water.
The stain-resistant cloth will last up to 1000 washes,
saving her tons of money in the long run - which she will
be super thankful for.

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Cut Your Hair Straightening Routine in Half!

Hair Straightener Brush

If the girl in your life has curly hair, this hair straightener
might be the perfect gift for them! The Straight Hair Don't
Care | Hair Straightener Brush is the simplest way to
achieve silky straight locks one swipe at a time.

The brush has ceramic plates that heat up to 230°C and
can be adjusted by the digital temperature controller on
the back of the handle. The brush bristles untangle the
hair, decreasing damage to the follicle. Best of all, this
straightener works well with dry or damp hair!

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Part hair in sections.

Brush through each section with the heated brush.

Continue to brush through for desired results.

Reveal beautiful straight hair in half of the time!

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Apply Makeup Like a Movie Star!

Vanity Mirror

Provide a merry and bright holiday gift with this 22 LED makeup mirror. It includes a touch screen function, which allows you to play music and light the perimeter. The mirror projects the perfect amount of light for flawless makeup application.

With the Shine Bright | Makeup Mirror, she will be sure to apply her makeup like a pro!

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The shine bright makeup mirror is light weight and portable!

Simply turn on the ON switch at the back of the mirror.

Press the touch screen function at the front of the mirror to display the beautiful ED lights!

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Airbrush Makeup in Seconds!

Vibrating Sponge

The Derma Sponge | Vibrating Makeup Sponge is an amazing alternative to other makeup blenders! Its vibrating head (15,000 pulsations per minute) allows for perfect full coverage, airbrush finish. This gift is defiantly up to speed, literally!

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Turn on and apply foundation in circular motion for optimal results!

Removable sponge!

Multiple sponge inserts!

Get it: HERE mirror the price of $23.00 USD

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Boost Confidence With a New Smile!

Teeth Whitening

An amazing gift would be a whitening treatment but professional whitening services are very expensive! The alternative to professional whitening is the at new home treatment LUXURY SMILE which uses the same blue light technology process that dentists and cosmeticians use for in house whitening treatments!

Those treatments can cost HUNDREDS and THOUSAND OF DOLLARS! This safe alternative whitens your smile at home for ONLY $50.00!

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Apply the whitening gel to the mouth piece and insert it into your mouth.

Insert the blue light and allow it to do the work!

Wait 20 minutes.

Rinse your mouth with water.

Reveal and compare your whiter smile on the colour chart!

Get it: HERE mirror the price of $50.00 USD

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